Paddleboarder's Shark Encounter Caught on Video

Danny Reid captured the encounter with an underwater camera.

— -- A paddleboarder off the coast of Huntington Beach, California, got an unexpected surprise when he caught a shark on camera swimming right next to him.

Danny Reid told ABC News he was swimming in Sunset Beach when he saw the shark on his underwater camera.

"I filmed this on Saturday. I see them every time I paddleboard here in Sunset, and have witnessed them swim under my board a few times,” he said.

The incident comes during a period when there have been increased shark sightings in the region. In a public advisory, the Huntington Beach Police Department said they are working with researchers at Cal State University, Long Beach, to determine the cause of the increased sightings. But they say sharks in Huntington Beach are not a new phenomenon.

“The presence of juvenile sharks in the shallow waters of the surf line along the coast of California is not unusual. At this time, there are no warnings to stay out of the water, but biologists and Marine Safety officials advise not to provoke or interfere with the sharks,” police said in a statement.

Though seeing the sharks can be frightening, Reid said, it does not deter him from his ocean pursuits. Instead, he finds the experience to be inspiring.

“I am blessed to have witnessed these sharks in their natural environment,” he said.