Pamela Geller Calls Allegedly Being Targeted for Beheading by Terror Suspect 'Chilling'

Suspect initially planned find Pamela Geller, behead her, sources tell ABC News.

— -- Days after police shot and killed an apparent lone-wolf terror suspect in Boston, new details about the suspect, Usaama Rahim, and an alleged plot to attack conservative activist and Muhammad cartoon contest sponsor Pamela Geller are emerging.

Despite her “army of security,” Geller denied ABC News’ request to speak on camera, saying she feared for her safety.

“I have a very false sense of security,” she said. “It is a very serious threat.”

But Rahim’s threat has revitalized her convictions, she said.

“It’s given me greater resolve,” she added. “This is the First Amendment. This is elemental. This is Americanism.”

Rahim's family declined comment to ABC News, but local Muslim leaders who knew him said he was not radical and they were surprised to hear the allegations against him.