Pennsylvania Woman Injured After Being Struck by a Fish That Fell From the Sky

Lisa Lobree's face was swollen and she suffered a cut on her cheek.

— -- A fish fell from the sky and struck a Pennsylvania woman in the face as she was headed to a workout class, the woman told ABC News today.

The bizarre incident happened Sept. 5 on a path near the Schuylkill River and the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Lisa Lobree said. She and a friend were walking to a morning boot camp class.

"We were just walking and chatting, I was super excited that I was going to go to boot camp," Lobree said. "Peripherally, I saw a huge black thing coming towards my head, then it slammed me."

She continued, "Immediately I fell to the ground. My friend was trying to figure out what happened. She starts screaming 'Oh my God it was a fish! A bird dropped it!' I was frantic, she was frantic. I was screaming, I was crying, a lot of people were around."

One bystander pulled over her car to give the women water, trying to figure out what was wrong.

The fish struck Lobree with enough force that her whole face became swollen and she suffered from a small cut on her cheek, she said.

"We walked home and I literally showered for 30 minutes," Lobree said, adding that the most traumatizing part was the fishy smell that lingered. "The cut was thankfully nowhere near as bad as what it could have been," she noted.

She estimates that the fish was about 18 inches long and around 5 pounds.

Lobree never made it to the workout class that morning. But she and her friend later returned to the scene to take pictures and started "cracking up" over the absurdity of the incident.

Despite her discomfort, she is happy that her story can make so many people smile.

"You know it sucked when it happened, it was weird and traumatic and the strangest thing that has ever happened to me," Lobree said. "But I am so happy I can make so many people laugh."