New Photo Shows Last Known Image of Missing Florida Mother

Police released a new photo of missing Florida mother at local grocery store.

ByABC News
May 4, 2016, 9:52 AM

— -- Authorities have released new information in an urgent search for missing Florida mother and Air Force veteran Tricia Todd.

Todd, a 30-year-old hospice nurse, disappeared last Tuesday and police have released surveillance images from a Hobe Sound, Florida, Publix grocery store, saying they believe it to be the last time she was seen in public.

“She was smiling and engaged and the people at Publix reported it that way so, no, we don’t have anybody that we know of that wished her harm,” Martin County Sherriff William Snyder told reporters at a news conference Tuesday.

Her car was found parked near her home with the keys still in the ignition and her purse inside, but her wallet and phone missing, authorities said.

Earlier in the day on April 26, Todd and her former husband, Steven Williams, took their sick 2-year-old daughter to the hospital. Todd was supposed to pick up her daughter from her ex the next day, but never showed.

“She had always bent over backwards for the sake of her little girl,” Todd's brother, Nathan Todd, told ABC South Florida affiliate WPBF-TV.

Police are ruling out Williams as a suspect, saying there was “no physical evidence or witness testimony linking Todd’s ex-husband with her disappearance. Williams voluntarily took a polygraph and nothing indicates he was involved or has any information.”

“There is absolutely no evidence that a crime occurred,” Sheriff Snyder said. “This is a strong circumstantial case for an abduction except that some of the elements that we would see in an abduction are missing.”

The ground search continues with police checking nearby water areas and ponds, asking the public for support in their efforts.