Photographer on the hunt for newly engaged couple to share pictures she took of them at Eiffel Tower

"I have high hopes" of finding them, she said.

Emily Curd was sitting by the Eiffel Tower enjoying a baguette and drinks when she saw a couple getting engaged feet from where she was.

Curd, a Canadian photographer, gave the couple a few minutes to soak in the moment and then approached them to ask whether they wanted a photo to commemorate the occasion, she wrote in a Thursday Facebook dispatch from Paris. They consented, so Curd snapped a few photos and got their email address to send the photos later.

Curd emailed the edited photos but never heard back, she wrote. So she's worried that in the excitement of the moment, they might have mistyped their email address into her phone.

She is now determined to find the couple, who said they were from Florida, maybe Ft. Lauderdale, to make sure they received her photos.

Curd posted the whole story on her Facebook page in hopes someone would recognize the couple and reach out.

"I don't even know where in Fort Lauderdale -- could be somewhere in Florida, but he said Fort Lauderdale, Florida, so I have high hopes," she told ABC Miami affiliate WPLG-TV.

Curd had not found the couple as of Friday afternoon but told ABC News she's hopeful someone will know who they are.