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2 dead, 2 missing in 'ground-shaking' plant explosion in Illinois
By Mark Osborne, Alexandra Faul and Soo Youn
May 5, 2019 Story from US Mark Osborne, Alexandra Faul, Soo Youn , ABC News
Man facing murder charges in fatal pipe beatings of 4 homeless people in NYC's Chinatown
By Marc Nathanson, Alexandra Faul, Ella Torres and Bill Hutchinson
October 7, 2019 Story from US Marc Nathanson, Alexandra Faul, Ella Torres, Bill Hutchinson , ABC News
8 Americans among 157 people killed in Ethiopian Airlines crash: Officials
By Alexandra Faul, Amanda Maile and Wil Cruz
March 11, 2019 Story from International Alexandra Faul, Amanda Maile, Wil Cruz , ABC News
Off-duty Chicago police officer John Rivera ambushed, killed in 'unprovoked' shooting: Officials
By Wil Cruz, Alexandra Faul and OLIVIA RUBIN
March 23, 2019 Story from US Wil Cruz, Alexandra Faul , ABC News
'Mass chaos': Manhunt on for shooter who killed 2, injured 16 at Texas homecoming party
By Bill Hutchinson, Jon Haworth and Alexandra Faul
October 27, 2019 Story from US Bill Hutchinson, Jon Haworth , Alexandra Faul , ABC News
Alleged robber at Bellagio casino dies after trading gunfire with police on Las Vegas strip
By Josh Margolin, Mark Osborne and Alexandra Faul
March 17, 2019 Story from US Josh Margolin, Mark Osborne, Alexandra Faul , ABC News
Bradley Cooper surprises fans as he jumps on stage to perform with Lady Gaga in Las Vegas
By Alexandra Faul and Mark Osborne
January 27, 2019 Story from GMA Alexandra Faul, Mark Osborne , ABC News
Missing hiker found at a hotel could be billed for search-and-rescue efforts
By Alexandra Faul
May 3, 2018 Story from US Alexandra Faul , ABC News
Scratch-and-sniff stamps are coming to a post office near you
By Alexandra Faul
May 21, 2018 Story from US Alexandra Faul , ABC News
Elevator reads Dan Brown's 'Inferno' to subway commuters
By Alexandra Faul
May 11, 2018 Story from International Alexandra Faul , ABC News
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