Before and after photos of neighborhood destroyed by wildfire in Santa Rosa, California

Neighborhoods in Santa Rosa have been left in ruins.

— -- The wildfires that have displaced tens of thousands and killed at least 23 people in California have all but destroyed one neighborhood in the city of Santa Rosa called Coffey Park.

The neighborhood has been left in ruins because of the North Bay wildfires. Thirteen people have been killed in Sonoma County, where Santa Rosa is located.

Coffey Park was once full of lush trees and family homes, but the uncontrolled flames left almost every house destroyed. Few trees are left standing and many that have remained are completely bare.

The thick smoke plume covers multiple counties.

There are at least 17 wildfires in north California, which have left destruction in their wake.

The fires have charred at least 115,000 acres of land, destroyed at least 2,000 buildings and forced nearly 20,000 residents to evacuate so far.

The Tubbs wildfire that wiped out Coffey Park has spread over 27,000 acres of land, officials said.

The fire broke out late Sunday night off of Highway 128 and Bennett Lane in Calistoga, California, and has spread to the south, reaching into the Santa Rosa neighborhoods.