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Photos show Trump's events in the days prior to testing positive for COVID-19

President Trump traveled and held events when he may have been contagious.

Health experts say that the incubation period, or the number of days between a person being infected to when they show symptoms, is between two days and two weeks, and that an infected individual can spread coronavirus to others two to three days before they show symptoms, if any.

Photos from the past week depict a busy schedule for the president. Many people were seen without face coverings at the president's events. Trump himself rarely wears one and has mocked others for doing so.

Thursday, Oct. 1

Aide Hope Hicks tests positive and President Trump flies to Bedminster, New Jersey, for a private fundraiser.

Wednesday, Sept. 30

President Trump travels to Duluth, Minnesota, for a rally and a private fundraiser. Hope Hicks feels unwell and isolates during the return trip.

Tuesday, Sept. 29

The first presidential debate is held in Cleveland and members of Trump's family accompany him to the event. Family members were seen without face coverings while seated in the front row for the debate. Hope Hicks was among the staff on the trip.

Monday, Sept. 28

A rose garden event is held to announce the distribution of coronavirus testing kits. Vice President Mike Pence is in attendance. Trump also viewed an electric truck with Lordstown Motors' CEO.

Sunday, Sept. 27

President Trump held a briefing at the White House and a reception for Gold Star families. In the morning he played golf in Sterling, Virginia.

Saturday, Sept. 26

Judge Amy Coney Barrett meets with President Trump at the White House prior to the Rose Garden event announcing her nomination to the Supreme Court. At least four people in attendance later test positive for the virus, including Sen. Mike Lee and University of Notre Dame President Rev. John Jenkins, seated in the audience. Trump travels to Middleton, Pennsylvania, for a campaign rally at the Harrisburg International Airport. Members of his staff, including Hope Hicks, accompany him.