This Little Piggy Ran Down the Block in Fierce Montana Hailstorm

It turns out the adventurous pig has a name, and it's also potty trained.

— -- A man in Billings, Montana, was surprised by the view from his window during a downpour this past weekend, when he caught a "little pig randomly running down the street in the middle of the storm."

Lindholm said he immediately got out his phone and started recording when he realized what was scurrying down the block.

"I was like, 'Holy cow! It's a pig!'" he said. "It was so bizarre because we're in the middle of a town, not like out there in the country."

As it turned out, the pig was a pet who belonged to a family across the street. His name is Hamlet, and he's even potty-trained, according to his owner Carmella Tyrrell.

The 18-month-old pig apparently broke loose from his crate, which was in the garage, Tyrrell, 36, told ABC News -- and the garage door was open. Tyrrell said she thinks the pig was probably scared by the loud storm.

"We were just standing and looking out the front window at the hailstorm, and suddenly, my husband was like, 'The pig! The pig!'" Tyrrell said. "My 13-year-old son then bolted out the door to try and get Hamlet."

After the pig led Tyrrell's family on a chase for a few minutes, a neighbor was able to use a rope to gently lasso in Hamlet.

"The poor thing had been hiding between two houses in a back corner," she said. "We baited him with some strawberries, and he eventually came out."

Hamlet is now "doing very well," Tyrrell said. She added that he's probably learned that going out into a hailstorm is probably not the best way to escape it.