Pikachu Monument Mysteriously Shows Up in New Orleans Park

The statue appears to be made of fiberglass.

— -- Catching virtual critters on "Pokemon Go" just wasn't enough.

A statue of Pikachu, the most iconic of all the Pokemon, mysteriously appeared overnight in a New Orleans park over the weekend.

A photo of the statue was first posted on Reddit and has amassed more than 2 million views.

The statue is located in Parkerson Place in the city's Lower Garden district, reports ABC News New Orleans affiliate, WGNO.

Pictures shows Pikachu with a menacing look and defiant posture standing atop a cement structure with a pokeball on it.

The hashtag #PokeMonument could also be found etched into the cement at the base of the statue.

The statue has already attracted onlookers as some took to social media to take a picture with the game's most famous mascot.

New Orleans police told ABC News that the department currently has no plans to remove the statue.

"Pokemon Go" is a popular mobile app that was released in the U.S. early July. Players can walk around in real life to capture virtual monsters as they pop up on users' smartphone screens.