Plane Makes Belly Landing at Newark Airport

PHOTO: Passengers on a U-S Airways commuter flight on May 18, 2013 from Philadelphia to Newark, N.J. had a scary landing when the pilot was forced to land the plane on its belly after the landing gear malfunctioned.PlayObtained by ABC News
WATCH Emergency Belly-Landing at Newark Airport

A U.S. Airways official said a jet with 34 people aboard was forced to make a belly landing early this morning at Newark Liberty International Airport after experiencing landing gear trouble. No injuries were reported.

The turboprop plane, which was operated by Piedmont Airlines, departed Philadelphia before 11 p.m. Friday to make the short flight to Newark, U.S. Airways spokesman Davian Anderson told ABC News.

He said tower operators tried to help the pilot troubleshoot when the landing gear remained in a retracted position. After a couple attempts, he said the decision was made to execute a belly landing.

Sparks flew upon landing, but the pilot managed to keep the airplane on the runway and the wings level.

The 31 passengers and the three crew on board were evacuated and bused to the terminal.

Anderson said U.S. Airways believes the mechanical issue was an isolated problem.

The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating the incident.