Police Rescue Bulldog from Hot Car in New Jersey While the Owner Shopped

Police unlocked the car door and rescued the bulldog.

— -- Police and a bystander helped rescue a dog from a searing hot car when its owner was nowhere to be found.

Fifi — an English bulldog — was left in the car by her owner in Tenafly, New Jersey, on Monday and luckily, a Good Samaritan and police were able to get her out and save her life.

“The dog was within five minutes of passing out in the passenger seat,” Robyn Urman told ABC News today. “The windows weren’t cracked at all and that car had to be more than 100 degrees.”

Urman — who is also the owner of PetResQ Inc. — said she went into local stores to try to find the owner and when that didn’t work, she took to social media and posted photos of Fifi and the woman’s car to her Facebook page.

“I gave her water to cool her off and splashed it on her. I started walking her up and down the block to find the owner, who was still nowhere to be found,” Urman added.

“[The owner] came out screaming for me to not touch her dog and she blamed me for it all. She said she had been watching Fifi from the store windows the whole time. The CVS actually has blacked out windows, so that wasn’t possible,” Urman said.

The Bergen County Sheriff's Office declined to comment and directed all inquires to the Bergen County SPCA. The woman was not ticketed at the scene and the Bergen County SPCA is investigating whether the woman will be brought up on charges, an investigator told ABC News today.