Police search for suspect who stole roller coaster from Ohio fair

It's been 10 days since the Go-Gator carnival ride was stolen in broad daylight.

September 5, 2019, 10:59 PM

A roller coaster caper has really gone off the rails in Ohio.

It's been 10 days since a Go-Gator carnival ride was stolen in broad daylight from the Union County Fairgrounds in Ohio, but investigators are determined to bring the 35-year-old ride back home.

Deputies in Marysville, Ohio, shared an image of the 20-foot-long green and purple roller coaster on Facebook Wednesday, urging followers to spread the word about the missing ride.

The Union County Sheriff's Office didn't offer details on how the suspect managed to get away with the ride, which was a part of a traveling carnival, but surveillance footage showed the coaster hitched to the back of a white pick-up truck.

Police in Marysville, Ohio, are searching for a man who stole a roller coaster from Union County Fairgrounds on Aug. 28, 2019.
Union County Sheriff's Office

"The Sheriff's Office is asking for assistance identifying a white pick-up truck: A white Dodge RAM 2500 (or larger) model with a flat bed, that has no visible front plate, and pulling the stolen trailer, was seen on a City of Marysville traffic camera at the intersection of State Route 31 and Mill Rd. on Tuesday, August 27th at 7:10 p.m.," the office said in a statement.

The kiddie ride was manufactured in 1984 and is worth about $35,000, according to a trade retailer.

Residents in Marysville, which is about 33 miles northwest of Columbus, said the alligator-themed ride had been around for decades and had sentimental value to the town.

"Please keep an eye out and give the police call if you hear of anything. This is my father's ride," one Facebook user wrote. "It's been in our family for around 35 years and has great sentimental value."

ABC News' Darren Reynolds contributed to this report.