Not a Random Act? Publicist Ronni Chasen May Been Shot From Another Car

Hollywood Publicist Ronni Chasen may have been victim of planned attack.

Nov. 19, 2010 — -- New clues in the murder of powerhouse publicist Ronni Chasen have emerged, but investigators admit they don't have much to go on.

Beverly Hills police have said they have few leads and "no motive, no suspects, no persons of interest."

But a Beverly Hills city official did say that investigators were working on the theory that she was shot from another vehicle.

Chasen, 64, who represented A-list movie stars and promoted some of Hollywood's top films, was driving home early Tuesday morning after attending the premiere party for the movie "Burlesque" when she was gunned down.

Beverly Hills Mayor Jimmy Delshad, who had been briefed on the investigation, told ABC News' Los Angeles affiliate station KABC-TV that they believe Chasen was shot through the passenger-side window as she made a left turn.

She was shot five times in the chest before her Mercedes Benz E530 slammed into a nearby light pole on a Beverly Hills street.

Investigators believe that the "bullets came from a high angle, perhaps from an SUV or other tall vehicle" which would "explain why no bullet casings were ever found anywhere near the scene," KABC–TV reported Thursday.

Was it a 'Targeted' Attack?

Beverly Hills police are searching for any surveillance video that may provide more clues in solving Chasen's murder.

On Thursday, The Hollywood Reporter, cited an unnamed Beverly Hills official who said police believed the attack "was planned in advance and not the result of road rage or a carjacking gone awry."

The Reporter's website also said there was "relevant footage" from at least one security camera near the site of the shooting.

The trade paper reported the video came from the home of Sherry Hackett, widow of the late comedian and actor Buddy Hackett, who lived down the block.

In addition to surveillance video, investigators are combing through computer hard drives seized from Chasen's office and listening to 911 calls.

"On the profile of this woman, you certainly have to look at the potential that somebody wanted to harm her," said former FBI agent Brad Garrett.

Hollywood Mourns One of Its Own

Chasen's funeral will be held Sunday, and the movie studios have banded together to pay for a special ceremony to honor the famous publicist.

Her colleagues have set up a fund to help track down Chasen's killer.

Chasen started as an actress and later moved on to the world of promoting Hollywood movies and actors.

She worked on films that included "The Hurt Locker," "The Social Network" and "Country Strong."

Chasen's brother, Larry Cohen, said his sister had a great sense of energy and humor.

"She certainly didn't deserve anything like this to happen to her," he said.

ABC News' Ayana Harry, Ned Potter and The Associated Press contributed to this report.