Record flooding strikes Midwest as tropical storm could be forming in the Bahamas

Nearly a foot of rain fell in parts of Minn. and Iowa over the last two days.

Nearly a foot of rain fell in parts of South Dakota, southwestern Minneapolis and northern Iowa in the last two days, producing record flash flooding on some of the rivers there.

On Friday, the severe storm threat moves further east into Michigan and Ohio, with damaging winds being the primary threat. Flash flooding and an isolated tornado cannot be ruled out.

Tropical threat to Southeast U.S.

A tropical storm warning has been issued for the devastated Bahamas, where heavy rain is already falling.

A tropical storm watch has been issued for the east coast of Florida from just north of West Palm, north to Daytona Beach.

The new path Friday morning shows the system developing into a tropical depression in the evening and possibly into Tropical Storm Humberto by early Saturday morning.

Heavy rain and gusty winds are expected over the northwest Bahamas, which was devastated by Dorian two weeks ago.

After that, the latest most reliable computer models show the system along the Florida coast, getting really close to Daytona Beach and Cape Canaveral area by Sunday.

The storm could stay off the Carolina coast into the middle of next week, and possibly strengthen into a strong tropical storm with winds near 65 mph.

Heavy rain and gusty winds are the biggest threat for Florida and the Southeast U.S.