Reflections of a 5-Year-Old Mayor: 'Nobody Could Arrest Me, Not Even a Cop'

PHOTO: This handout file photo provided by the Tufts family shows Mayor Robert "Bobby" Tufts, right, shaking hands with a supporter in the tiny tourist town of Dorset, Minn.

Freedom from the law is just one thing 5-year-old Robert “Bobby” Tufts, a Minnesota town’s former mayor, said he enjoyed about his two terms in office.

“Nobody could arrest me, not even a cop,” Bobby told a Minnesota TV station.

Bobby began his reign as the ceremonial mayor of Dorset, Minnesota, at age 3. After two years and one re-election, the tiny mayor had to give up the title to 16-year-old Eric Mueller.

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Mayor Bobby Seeks Re-Election

Though his time in office has been sweet, especially since Bobby had officially declared ice cream a Dorset necessity, the 5-year-old said he is ready to step out of the spotlight.

"I have to look at the cameras so much i can't be googly eyes and fun and nonsense," Bobby told the station.

Bobby will be trading in his sport coat and fedora for a more casual polo and shades look.

The young former mayor was a good sport about losing this week's election, which is decided by a random draw, and had some well-wishes and advice for his replacement.

“I do gotta say somethin’ and I hope this goes all the way to him,” Bobby said. “Have fun being mayor of Dorset. Be good to the town and don’t be mean to it.”

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