Brooke Wilberger Found: Killer Gives Location of Remains to Avoid Death Penalty

Cammy Wilberger: Relief after 5 years of not knowing where her daughter was.

ByABC News
September 21, 2009, 3:32 PM

Sept. 21, 2009— -- Brooke Wilberger's mother today said she was grateful to Joel Courtney, the man who pleaded guilty to murdering the Brigham Young University student, for finally telling authorities where to find the young woman's remains.

Cammy Wilberger, visibly moved as she spoke at a news conference in Corvalis, Ore., said that after five years of not knowing where her daughter was, "We just want to strengthen our family and go on with our life."

Benton County authorities for the first time described what happened to Wilberger, who vanished from an Oregon apartment complex May 24, 2004.

Courtney said he abducted the blond 19-year-old college student at knife point, bound her in duct tape in his van, drove her into the woods, kept her overnight and then raped and bludgeoned her to death, Benton County District Attorney John Haroldson said.

In his "romanticized account of what happened," Courtney hadn't decided to kill her until he saw how hard she fought against being raped, Haroldson said, and then he hid her body in such a way that it was unlikely it would ever have been found.

"Brooke Wilberger reacted so strongly, that he decided that he had to kill her," Haroldson said. "His comment was that he was surprised that she fought so hard."

Wilberger was at least the third woman Courtney targeted in Corvallis that day, Haroldson said. He had previously attempted to abduct two Oregon State University students, but both were able to get away, the district attorney said.

Courtney's agreement to tell officials where he'd left Wilberger's body after kidnapping, raping and murdering her was part of a plea deal to avoid the death penalty, he said.

Haroldson said the Wilberger family was involved in the process and agreed with the decision, and that Courtney would have a sentence of "true life."

Courtney, 42, pleaded guilty to aggravated murder and received a life sentence without the possibility of parole.

The district attorney would not disclose specifically where Wilberger's remains were found, because the recovery process was still going on, he said. The only details he would give were that the location was in the county and on private property.