Beau Accused of Adult Film Actress' Murder

As the man accused of murdering a sometime-adult film actress faces arraignment this week, the family of his alleged victim is trying to make sure she's known for more than her nudity.

Police have charged 45-year-old Brian Lee Randone with the Sept. 11 murder of Felicia Tang Lee, 31, whose film career has ranged from starring roles in soft-core adult films to bit parts in mainstream Hollywood movies. Lee reportedly was Randone's Lee's girlfriend.

Charged with murder and torture, Randone -- who has worked as a preacher and a mime, and appeared as a contestant on a reality show, according to The Associated Press -- is next due in court on Tuesday. He is being held on $2 million bond at the Twin Towers Correctional Facility in Los Angeles.

Police have released little information about the murder, just that they were called to the 500 block of West Duarte Road in Monrovia, Calif., shortly after noon on Sept. 11 and found Lee dead inside the home after an apparent domestic violence incident.

The AP reported that Randone was a contestant on the 2000 Fox reality show "Sexiest Bachelor in America," though representatives for Fox said they were not familiar with the show.

Los Angeles Sheriff's Office Sgt. Brian Schoonmaker told The Associated Press that Randone called 911 and told the dispatcher that Lee was unconscious. But when police arrived on the scene, he said, it was apparent that Lee had suffered dozens of injuries in the last 24 hours she was alive.

"It appeared to be torture prior to the murder," Schoonmaker told the AP. He declined to detail Lee's injuries.

Publicist Jennifer Smith, who told that she was a friend of Lee's, but not her publicist, posted an essay about Lee on a Facebook page dedicated to her memory that claimed Lee was beaten and suffocated.

But when asked for further comment, Smith declined, saying Lee's family has asked anyone who knew her not to comment.

Lee's family, according to a spokeswoman for the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office, is very unhappy Randone was granted bail terms -- though he's still in jail.

Randone's sister declined to comment when reached by

Schoonmaker said the couple had lived together for a few months and that investigators had not yet determined a motive. Randone, he told the AP, was involved in the ministry and had at one time worked as a mime.

The majority of Lee's film credits are in adult films, including Playboy movies and 2004's "Hotel Decadance" which co-starred Carmen Electra, accoding to An Internet seach also turns up a video Lee reportedly made with reality show star Tila Tequila in which the two fondle each other in a pool.

Blossoming Relationship Troubled From the Start?

The Facebook page dedicated to Lee's memory said she was "beloved by friends and family who are in complete shock of the loss of their beautiful friend whose life was cut short."

Smith's posting described the couple's relationship as troubled. The two met at the Wet Republic pool at the Las Vegas MGM Hotel in April, and Lee started to isolate herself shortly afterwards as she began spending more and more time with Randone, Smith wrote.

"She mentioned that he was very protective of her and at times quite jealous," Smith wrote.

Smith said her friend was born and raised in Singapore before attending Catholic school in Perth, Australia for two years. Lee and her family then moved to the Los Angeles area, Smith wrote, where she attended college and pursued a modeling career. Smith said Lee had recently returned to school.

But Smith said the label of "porn star" that has been given to Lee in some reports amounts to a "smear campaign."

Smith's posting noted that Lee never appeared in hard core or XXX-rated movies.

Candace Kita, a model and one time co-worker, told the AP that Lee was nude in her movies but did not portray any sex acts.

A man who answered the phone at an address listed for Lee in public records declined to comment on the case, though he expressed concern about the attention being paid to Lee's participation in adult films.

Her mainstream movie credits include bit parts in "Rush Hour 2" and "The Fast and the Furious."

Lee's murder is remiscient of that of model Jasmine Fiore, who police say was killed this summer by her husband, former reality show contestant Ryan Jenkins. Fiore's body was found XX stuffed into a suitcase, her fingertips and teeth removed to prevent identification, which was ultimately done through the serial number on her breast implants.

After a manhunt lasting several days, Jenkins was found dead in a Canadian hotel, hanging from a coat rack. His family has denied that he was responsible for Fiore's murder.