Reporter's Notebook: The White Supremacist Next Door

ABC News' Byron Pitts describes what it's like to interview a white supremacist.

— -- Craig Cobb is a man with an idea: Why not buy up land in a small North Dakota town, have people who share his views move in and make it into an all-white town where minorities and people with opposing views are not welcome?

This is not a new idea and thus far not a successful one either. Cobb bought several lots in the very small town of Leith, North Dakota, which has a population of about 24 people. The townspeople pushed back, changed a few town ordinances and blocked Cobb’s effort.

Undaunted, he is trying again in the even smaller town of Antler, North Dakota. Townspeople there are mustering up a campaign to block Cobb from inhabiting their town.

When I arrived, Cobb declared with vile and derogatory language that he does not talk to black reporters. But he kept talking anyway.

Cobb pled guilty in the spring of 2014 to one count of terrorizing his neighbors in Leith, where he “patrolled” the community with an assault weapon and verbally assaulted his neighbors, much of which was caught on camera and is now part of a new documentary called “Welcome to Leith.”

He associates with known hate groups like The National Socialist Movement and considers among his associates White Supremacist Frazier Glenn Miller, who was convicted of killing three people at a Jewish Community Center in suburban Kansas City, Kansas, last year. According to Cobb, he spoke by phone with Miller a few days before his killing spree.

Cobb still lives in North Dakota. It’s unclear if he’ll seek to create an all-white separatist town somewhere else in North Dakota. His story is on ABC News’ Nightline HERE.