Retired Air Force Major Attacked 2 Florida Real Estate Agents, Police Say

He tied up one of the agents and demanded $50,000 in ransom, police said.

June 9, 2015, 6:00 PM

— -- A retired Air Force major is in custody after allegedly attacking two real estate agents in St. Petersburg, Florida, police said.

Paul Jay Pinkston, 58, allegedly used the alias "Robert Evans" to arrange a real estate appointment, during which he tied up a female real estate agent at gunpoint, called her husband and demanded $50,000 ransom, authorities said.

Pinkston appeared for a court hearing today, during which bail has been set at $300,000, his lawyer told ABC News.

The real estate agent's husband refused to pay the ransom, Pinkston left and the woman eventually escaped, authorities added.

But an hour later, Pinkston then robbed a second real estate agent, identified as Ana Devin, police said.

Pinkston, a computer analyst, was armed and uncooperative when he was taken into custody Monday after an anonymous tipster identified him in surveillance footage, authorities said.

St. Petersburg, Florida police released surveillance footage showing a person of interest in real estate attacks, June 5, 2015.

"He's now paying the price," Devin said Monday. "He did a lot of damage to us, not just to me but to my colleague who was attacked."

She added, "With him in prison, we are safer. I'm happier, much happier."

Pinkston faces charges of armed robbery and kidnapping with a deadly weapon, according to court records, which show that Pinkston does not have previous criminal history.

Pinkston's lawyer, Lee M. Pearlman, told ABC News today that an advisory hearing was held today, during which Pinkston was told what had been alleged against him. Pearlman added that Pinkston remains in custody, bail has been set at $300,000 and that he's not sure when the next court hearing will be.

"We are simply waiting in regards to what the state is going to do next, and we are investigating the case independently as well," Pearlman said.