Rolling Stone Controversy 'Retraumatizing' for Victim 'Jackie': Attorney

Lawyer for subject of controversial article released a statement.

"As I am sure you all can understand, all of this has been very stressful, overwhelming and retraumatizing for Jackie and her family," attorney Palma Pustilnik said in a statement. Pustilnik said the family's response to the allegations remains "No comment," and did not comment on recent reports that questioned the veracity of parts of the Rolling Stone article or that the magazine did not adequately research Jackie's story.

Pustilnik suggested that "Jackie," who said in the article that she was gang raped by seven men at a fraternity party in 2012, has received threats.

"I will also take this opportunity to let others know that threats and attempts to extort and/or intimidate have been and will continue to be reported to the appropriate authorities," she said in the statement.

The Charlottesville Police Department told ABC News that no official report involving threats has been filed.