San Francisco International Airport bans sale of small plastic water bottles

The airport is making a big change to their beverage rules.

If you’re looking to buy a small plastic water bottle when you go to San Francisco International Airport (SFO), you’re out of luck.

A ban on the sale of plastic water bottles under 1 liter went into effect Tuesday, according to ABC San Francisco affiliate KGO, but travelers still have the option of buying water in larger sizes.

All of the airport's restaurants, retailers, lounges and vending machines will be required to sell water in recyclable aluminum, glass or BPI-certified bottles, according a statement released by the airport.

The new rule applies to all water, but does not include a ban on sodas, teas or juices.

“SFO continues to lead the way in airport sustainability initiatives,” Ivar C. Satero, the airport director, said in a statement. “With this move, we take a giant step towards our goal to achieve zero waste going into landfill. I appreciate the support of our SFO business community in making this bold move for our environment.”

SFO is hoping to achieve zero waste by 2021.

The airport says it has implemented the ban on small plastic water bottles because more environmentally friendly alternatives are on the rise . The full list of water options at the airport can found here.

Some travelers, however, thought the airport should have gone even further.

“I think there should be a total ban. It is inconsistent to do one size and not the other. Plastic is plastic,” Marc Fong, an airport traveler, told KGO.

“Tea and lemonade and sodas but not the water? Come on guys,” said Murrell Peddicord, another traveler.

SFO has also urged travelers to bring reusable beverage containers to fill up at the airport’s drinking fountains located in all terminals in addition to the new ban.