A local school maintenance supervisor is earning praise for turning one little girl's frown upside down by helping her get her homemade gift to her mom for Mother’s Day.

Glenn Gillespie, who works for Wrentham Public Schools in Massachusetts, spent Sunday morning at work when he “drove to the school, disarmed the alarms and retrieved the gift,” the Wrentham Police Department posted on Facebook.

The little girl had spent a long time making a gift for her mom, but accidentally left it at school on Friday. When Gillespie heard about the “broken-hearted little girl,” he decided to do drive to the school, disable the alarms and pick up the present, delivering it to the family himself.

The police department praised both Gillespie and his own mom for raising her son right and “making his mama proud,” the department wrote.

ABC News has reached out to Gillespie for comment but did not immediately hear back.