Shark returned to San Antonio aquarium after being stolen in baby stroller

Video footage showed suspects wrapping a stolen shark in a wet blanket and stuffing it in a stroller.PlaySan Antonio Aquarium
WATCH Stolen shark heads home to Texas aquarium

A stolen shark was returned to the San Antonio Aquarium on Monday night, to a raucous ovation, after its shocking theft was captured on video.

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At least two of the three suspects likely will be charged with theft, police said. One suspect, a 38-year-old male, was expected to spend Monday night in jail.

The suspects could face additional federal charges because of permits required to possess exotic animals, police said.

Video posted by the aquarium showed the animal being scooped up from an open tank, taken to a restroom and packed inside a wet blanket before being stuffed into a stroller on Saturday.

The horn shark, less than a year old, didn't appear harmed when returned to the aquarium Monday night in a large plastic container.

The shark was valued at approximately $2,000.