Man Shot by Officer at Dallas' Love Field Airport

Passengers ran through security without being screened, officials say.

— -- One person has been hospitalized after a shooting outside the baggage claim at Dallas' Love Field Airport, police say.

The shooting began as a domestic dispute between a woman and the suspect, Shawn Diamond, 29, her ex-boyfriend, Dallas Police said. The woman claims that Diamond struck her as she drove him to the airport, police said.

At the airport, Diamond allegedly picked up a traffic cone and smashed the rear window of the car before hitting the windshield. After that, he grabbed "several large rocks" and broke the windows of her car, police said.

Diamond then allegedly menaced an officer with a rock. Another officer arrived on scene and drew his Taser, police said.

The suspect then made a swift movement and "a quick approach directly at the officer," according to police.

The officer fired and Diamond fell to the ground. But he allegedly ignored orders not to get up, so the officer fired several more times, police said.

Diamond was struck and transported to a local hospital in stable condition. Authorities said he was conscious during the transport.

During the melee, startled passengers at the nearby TSA checkpoint ran toward security machines without being screened, forcing the airport to evacuate the secured areas of the terminal and re-screen all passengers and staff.

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