'Significant' Video Found in Fox Lake Cop Killing, Police Say

They would give few details but said the video showed three individuals.

Authorities said that the video had been turned in from a private residence Wednesday but that they had not yet viewed it. According to police, the homeowner said the video showed three people. Police would not reveal any other details.

Meanwhile, the manhunt continued today for the three people believed to be responsible for the death of Gliniewicz, who was shot and killed Tuesday. Authorities said the shooting occurred after the officer sent a radio message that he was chasing after three men. Gliniewicz was a longtime veteran of the local police force and the married father of four boys.

"We're expecting some results either later this evening or sometime early tomorrow morning from our crime lab with regards to [the] crime scene," Filenko said. "We again have over 100 investigators out in the field."

Authorities said today that a gun had been recovered at the scene of the shooting and that, based on previous similar cases, there was a "great probability" that the trio responsible for his slaying remained in the area.

Earlier today, a woman was accused of falsifying a report after she allegedly reported Wednesday that two men had approached her car near Fox Lake and then fled into a cornfield. Federal, state and local authorities searched the area but turned up nothing.

The woman, identified by the Lake County Sheriff’s Office later as Kristin B. Kiefer, 30, allegedly admitted to making up the story to get “attention,” the sheriff’s office said. She was charged with two counts of disorderly conduct.