Skepticism, Doubt Surround Aspiring TV Meteorologist's Shooting Death

Timothy Englehardt's death is now deemed suspicious instead of a suicide.

— -- Authorities in Florida say they are skeptical that a college student took his own life in a shooting, with Timothy Englehardt's death now deemed suspicious.

Englehardt, 22, was shot in the head while hanging out with his friends in September. Police said they have no persons of interest, but the shooting investigation has uncovered inconsistencies into the possibility that Englehardt shot himself.

For starters, the gun was found nowhere near Englehardt’s body, Holly Hill Police Chief Steven Aldrich said.

“The incident took place in the front porch area of the home,” Aldrich said. “They located the gun inside the house. It had been moved into the house, and that’s where the officers located the gun once they arrived on scene.”

“My friend shot himself,” the female caller can be heard saying.

Someone in the background can be heard saying what sounds like, “I did it.”

The caller remains firm: “No, you didn’t. Relax. You didn’t kill him.”

The friend who made the 911 call says she is devastated but cannot comment until the investigation is over.

Englehardt’s parents say their son, an honor student at Florida’s Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, had no reason to commit suicide and was close to reaching his dream job as a TV weatherman.

“Timothy definitely did not do this to himself,” his father said.

Therese Englehardt remains devastated by her son’s death.

“All I think about is my son being shot in the head; my beautiful boy,” she said. “He doesn’t deserve that.”