2 Skydivers Seriously Injured After Mid-Air Collision in Florida

The skydivers are described as experienced.

— -- Two experienced skydivers collided with each other in mid-air over Pasco County, Florida, Tuesday, according to the skydiving center they attended.

Pasco County Fire Rescue Chief Shaun Whited told ABC News that both men, ages 40 and 23, were airlifted to Tampa General Hospital.

The 40-year-old is listed in serious but stable condition, while the younger man is in critical condition, Whited said.

According to Skydive City, one of the skydivers was still able to activate his chute. The other was "either knocked out or incapacitated," but their reserve parachute was activated by an Automatic Activation Device at 750 feet.

Both had initially jumped at 14,500 feet and the collision occurred shortly after they exited the plane.