The Social Climber: Beyoncé Ambushes Walmart Shoppers, J.K. Rowling Working on Harry Potter Play

It's not always enough to know what's "trending." It kind of helps to know why. Welcome to the Social Climber, where we provide a quick primer on the people, places and things that are being feverishly searched and shared online -- and try to make sense of it all.

Beyoncé Ambushes Walmart Shoppers
PHOTO: Beyonce dropped into a Walmart store in Tewksbury, Mass. to ambush shocked shoppers and spread some holiday cheer.
ABC News

Attention Walmart shoppers! Beyoncé in aisle 3.

Queen B's late night album drop last week wasn't the only surprise she had in store this holiday season. The platinum-selling Beyoncé dropped into a Walmart store in Tewksbury, Mass. to ambush shocked shoppers and spread some holiday cheer. Not only did the superstar pick up a few toys for baby Blue Ivy, she played Santa herself, and every person on site received a $50 Walmart gift card.

J.K. Rowling Working on Harry Potter Play
PHOTO: J.K. Rowling poses for the photographers during a photo call to unveil her new book, entitled: The Casual Vacancy, at the Southbank Centre in London, Sept. 27, 2012.
Lefteris Pitarakis/AP Photo

Is there a Harry Potter-shaped hole in your life? Don't worry -- J.K. Rowling has the cure. The beloved author of the book series is working on a prequel play, that will chronicle the boy wizard's life before he attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. In a statement Rowling said that the play will "explore the previously untold story of Harry's early years as an orphan and outcast."

Rats. I guess that means no on-stage quidditch.

'Whatever!' is Like, So Annoying
PHOTO: It turns out that the most annoying phrase in the English language is "whatever."
Getty Images


It turns out that the most annoying phrase in the English language is "whatever," according to a poll conducted by Marist College in Poughkeepsie, N.Y. Thirty-eight percent of adults polled said "whatever" was most annoying in conversation . "Like" came in a close second at 22 percent and "you know" at 18 percent, according to the poll, while "just sayin,'" and "obviously," also placed.

'Sound of Music' Items Hit Auction Block
PHOTO: This photo provided by NBC shows, the cast of "The Sound of Music Live!" airing Thursday, Dec. 5, 2013, on NBC.
NBC, Will Hart/AP Photo

Can't get enough of "The Sound of Music" following Carrie Underwood's turn in the live TV broadcast a few weeks back? Well now you can own a piece of the original film. Costumes from the 1965 film and other movies go up on the auction block today – including 14 costumes from the movie musical. The costumes are in a lot estimated to be worth as much a $250,000.

And right in time for the holidays.

The 2013 Winter Solstice Is Here
PHOTO: A tourist makes a sunrise visit to the temple of Karnak on the day of the winter solstice in Luxor,320 miles south of Cairo, Egypt, Saturday, Dec. 21, 2013.
Ibrahim Zayed/AP Photo

Winter may just be settling in, but the days are about to get increasingly longer. Today marks the 2013 winter solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, which marks our shortest daylight period and longest night of the year. For the next six months, the days again grow longer.

Just think of all of that extra time you'll have to read The Social Climber!

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