Don't Have a Happy National Grouch Day, Buckingham Palace Visitor Gets Crazy

quicklist:1 title: Don't Have a Happy National Grouch Day text: Feel free to whine, whinge, kvetch, bitch and moan to your heart's content.

It's National Grouch Day. So, scram!

Invented by Sesame Street Magazine to honor Oscar the Grouch, a misanthropic Muppet that lives in a garbage can, the holiday is commemorated solely by complaining.

Other websites are using the holiday to interview psychologists who talk about the importance of venting your negative feelings, BUT THOSE WEBSITES ARE TERRIBLE!!!!!! media:20579317

quicklist:2 title: Buckingham Palace Arrest: Don't Bring a Knife Near Royals text: He will never be royal, especially now.

A 44-year-old commoner attempted to enter the grounds of Buckingham Palace while carrying a knife Monday morning.

Police arrested the intruder as he attempted to dart through a palace gate, according to ABC News' Jeffrey Kofman. Read the full report here. media: 20572843

quicklist:3 title: Craze Bodybuilding Supplement "Meth"-Like text: Doing meth is crazy, but what about doing meth-like supplement Craze?

If that seems confusing to you, you're right on track. Researchers writing in the Drug Testing and Analysis journal said they were confused when they tested Craze, a bodybuilding supplement available at retail and online stores, and found a meth-like ingredient that wasn't listed on the supplement's label, according to Consumer Reports.

An attorney for Driven Sports, which makes Craze, told ABC News that the researchers have it all wrong and that company testing found no methamphetamine-like chemical in its product.

The company's "conclusions regarding the safety and composition of Craze have not changed: The product is safe and effective," Driven Sports says. media: 20573165

quicklist:4 title: iPad Rumors Swirl text: The internet just can't get enough of rumors of new tech products, or upgraded tech products, or tech products that are notably similar to other tech products.

Today, rumors are swirling about when Apple might possibly announce the release of the iPad 5: Will it be bigger? Better? Golder?

Though we'll have to wait a little longer to find out the answers to these burning questions, ABC News is sure that the place to find out will be ABC News' own Tech page. Bookmark it.

media: 20421026

quicklist:5 title: Burberry CEO Poached by Apple text: Speaking of Apple rumors, forget the gold or silver iPhone.

With news that Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendt is ditching the raincoat-and-scarf company to work with Apple, the Social Climber is dying to see a Burberry-checked iPhone at the next launch announcement. Now that's an accessory! media: