The Internet Loves Cats, 'Gangnam Style' Beckons World Peace

Colonel Meow Leads Army of Long-Haired Cats
PHOTO: Colonel Meow
Guinness World Records

Move over, Grumpy Cat. There's a new Internet-famous feline in town.

Call him Colonel Meow, and his claim to fame is his record-breaking 9-inch-long fur. He lives in Seattle and he's a Himalayan-Persian cross-breed. The Colonel is the latest inductee to the Guinness World Records for his long locks. Congrats, Colonel.

Jay-Z's 'Holy Grail' Video Debuts, World Swoons
PHOTO: Jay-Z Gives Pop-Up Rap Performance
Monica Schipper/FilmMagic/Getty Images

What's better than the world's most famous rapper releasing a new music video?

Adding Justin Timberlake to it, duh.

Jay-Z and Timberlake released the music video for "Holy Grail" exclusively on Facebook Thursday, and by today, the whole world was wishing the VMA would come around again so we could see the two perform together to this epic song.

Irish Nobel Poet Seamus Heaney Dies
PHOTO: Irish author Seamus Heaney
Mario Carlini/Getty Images

The world lost a great poet this morning when Nobel prize winner Seamus Heaney died in Ireland, his native country and the subject of many of his poems, at the age of 74.

The Social Climber does have an intellectual side, you know.

Heaney died prior to an operation at the Blackrock Clinic in Dublin, according to the Irish Times, which called him the "most significant Irish poet of his generation."

Syria Moves Scud Missiles Ahead of U.S. Strike
Bashar Assad

Reports out of Syria this morning indicate that ahead of the expected U.S. strike in coming days, Syrian president Bashar al-Assad has moved his stores of Scud missiles and launchers away from Damascus.

The Social Climber will give you a quick background check on what this means: the United States is mulling a military strike against Syria in retaliation for Assad's forces apparent use of poisonous gas on Syrian citizens earlier this month. Moving Scud missiles away from the expected strike zone could protect the weapons for future use, according to Reuters.

Ready for more on the situation in Syria? Catch up with ABC News' Syria coverage here.

Israeli 'Gangnam Style' Video

Oh, look, "Gangnam Style" is trending once again. A year after "Gangnam Style" wouldn't stop trending for weeks on end. Great.

This time, though, it's worth revisiting Psy's Korean dance masterpiece, as it apparently really does hold magical powers like possibly bringing peace to the Middle East. In a video released this week, a group of Israeli soldiers are seen dancing to "Gangnam Style" alongside Palestinians while on patrol in the West Bank.

Of course, Israeli government officials are mad about it, but we say anything that brings people together, even if it's Psy, is OK with us.

Colorado Marijuana Laws A-OK with DOJ
PHOTO: A medical marijuana plant at a dispensary in Seattle is seen, Nov. 7, 2012.
Ted S. Warren/AP Photo

Don't worry about a thing, man, everything's gonna be all right. The U.S. federal government is not coming after your marijuana - for now.

The Justice Department announced Thursday that it won't take legal action against states that legalized pot use last year, including Colorado marijuana laws and those in Washington. The decision opens the door for state-by-state legalization of pot.

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