Miley Cyrus' Home Is BurglarizedBefore Big Birthday Bash

Miley Cyrus' Home Is Burglarized
PHOTO: Miley Cyrus attends the Bambi awards 2013 at Stage Theater on Nov. 14, 2013 in Berlin.
Target Presse Agentur Gmbh/Getty Images

Worst present ever.

The day before turning 21, Miley Cyrus reportedly got an unwelcome birthday surprise when her home was burglarized.

According to US Weekly, Cyrus' home was broken into Friday afternoon when no one was home. Reportedly, many items were stolen -- although, hopefully, her infamous foam finger is safe.

Although the singer technically turned 21 on Saturday, she's waiting to properly celebrate her birthday until after she performs at the American Music Awards on Sunday.

We can only hope that Los Angeles is still standing on Monday after Cyrus fully celebrates turning 21.

'Harry Potter' Visits Penn Station
PHOTO: A video posted on Youtube titled, "Harry Potter In Real Life - Movies In Real Life" has been viewed over 2 million times.

Well that's one way to bring a little magic to the muggle-ridden Penn Station in New York.

Improv Everywhere pranked plenty of commuters by sending a pint-size Harry Potter, complete with a caged Hedwig and wire-rimmed glasses, to the Big Apple's famous train station. In a video of the prank, which has already been viewed more than 2 million times, the boy wizard asks baffled New Yorkers how to get to platform 9-and-three-quarters.

Fellow travelers look both baffled and amused as they figure out who the British boy with the white owl is supposed to be.

Eventually, the wizard ends up at an information booth asking which train will get him to Hogwarts. The stumped booth agent simply responds, "Is that in New York?"

Black Widow Spiders Found in Grapes
PHOTO: A female black widow spider hangs upside-down in her web, showing the red hourglass marking.
Getty Images

It's every arachnophobe's worst nightmare.

A Pennsylvania woman was eating grapes when a black widow spider reportedly crawled out of the bag.

"The next thing I know, there was this leg coming up over a grape and, needless to say, I dropped by grapes in the sink," Yvonne Whalen told ABC News affiliate WHTM.

Whalen was able to catch the spider without suffering a poisonous bite but, for now, we think we'll stick with apples for a healthy fruit snack.

Giada De Laurentiis Suffers Cooking Injury on Live Television
PHOTO: Author Giada De Laurentiis attends Meet the Author at the Apple Store Soho on Nov. 21, 2013 in New York City.
Bennett Raglin/WireImage/Getty Images

Here's one reason to order take-out.

Celebrity chef Giada De Laurentiis suffered a bloody accident on live television when she sliced her finger during Food Network's live Thanksgiving special.

Although the chef looked a little pale initially and had to leave the set, she managed to get back to work just 15 minutes later. Turns out plenty of bandages and cold compresses can make most cooking injuries better.

But seriously, are there protective gloves for turkey carvers?

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