Soldier appears at son's magic party after coming home from Kuwait

The magician and the dad planned the special surprise.

When magician Justin Impossible disappeared behind a curtain, Drake’s father, Benjamin, an active First Sergeant in the Nevada Army Guard Reserve, appeared on stage to greet Drake and his older brother Zachary, 11.

"I was excited to see my kids," Benjamin, 38, said while discussing his return from his third deployment. "If you’ve deployed a few times you don’t know how your kids are going to react, but it was a great reaction."

Krainbrink told ABC News that he had been planning this surprise with his wife and the magician since December. Krainbrink was even home a week before Drake’s birthday party hiding out in a hotel to make sure the surprise was perfect.

"People have made lots of special requests in my shows to have stuffed animals appear for children or a wedding ring appear for a proposal," Justin Impossible said. "But that was the first time making a person like Benjamin appear for his family and that was very special."

Krainbrink and his son have always shared a love for magic tricks, he said, and Drake had his ninth birthday party at Impossible’s magic theater last year. Drake has been taking magic lessons at Impossible’s shop in Reno, Nevada, so Benjamin and his wife Christina knew that it would be a perfect surprise.