Starbucks Will Not Have to Pay Cop for Hot Coffee Spill

A police officer who spilled hot coffee on his lap was suing for $750,000.

ByABC News
May 11, 2015, 11:57 AM

— -- A jury has found that Starbucks should not be forced to pay for the medical fees and emotional suffering that a police officer claimed he allegedly endured after accidentally spilling a cup of the chain's hot coffee on his lap.

The verdict was read in the North Carolina court this morning after both sides agreed that they would be willing to accept the verdict if it were reached by a majority of the jurors and not necessarily all of them, ABC News affiliate WTVD reports.

Lt. Matthew Kohr suffered third degree burns when he said that the lid on his coffee popped off and the paper cup allegedly crumbled.

He and his wife, Melanie Kohr, were suing the coffee giant for $750,000, citing his medical expenses that came from a surgery to remove part of his intestine.

Kohr said he suffered from Chrons' disease before the accident and that the burn caused a massive flare.

Kohr testified over two days during the trial, which started last week, and told how he was in and out of both work and the hospital as a result of the burns.

His doctors testified about his depression that ensued and his colleague who was with him at the Raleigh Starbucks on the day of the accident told how the lid popped off like a "jack in the box."

A manager from coffee shop testified that the coffee chain's manual dictated that hot beverages served in venti cups should be handed over with a protective sleeve or a secondary cup, neither of which were used in Kohr's case, though that was not enough to convince the majority of the jury of the company's fault.