'Start Here': 'Targeted attack' in Jersey City, UK election, and Harvey Weinstein

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It's Thursday, Dec. 12, 2019. Let's start here.

1. 'Targeted attack'

Authorities in New Jersey are now calling Tuesday's shooting rampage inside a Jersey City kosher supermarket a "targeted attack."

"We haven't heard from law enforcement definitively one way or the other whether these suspects were out targeting Jews generally," ABC News Senior Investigative Reporter Aaron Katersky tells "Start Here" today. "We do know that law enforcement believes they are members of the Black Israelites, which the FBI believes to be a domestic terror group ... and that may be driving this toward a case of domestic terrorism."

Three civilians and Jersey City detective Joseph Seals were killed in the attack. The suspects, identified as 50-year-old Francine Graham and 47-year-old David Anderson, also died in the gun battle and sources told ABC News that Anderson recently made anti-Semitic posts online.

Voters in the U.K. head to the polls today for an election that could have major implications for Brexit.

ABC News' Marcus Wilford, who runs the London bureau, breaks down the stakes on the podcast: "It decides the future of Boris Johnson. If he gets elected prime minister, he brings through Brexit relatively quickly, but if he doesn't -- Boris is cast into the political wilderness and either way, the country and its future change course."

3. Weinstein settlement

Under the terms of the deal, insurers of the bankrupt Weinstein Company would fund the payout, according to ABC News' Eva Pilgrim: "[Weinstein] doesn't have to admit to any wrongdoing in this civil settlement and he's actually not even paying out of his own pocket this money."

The settlement is separate from his criminal case, which will go to trial in January. The two women who are the alleged victims in the criminal case are not parties to the settlement.

Weinstein has pleaded not guilty in his criminal case and has consistently denied "any allegations of non-consensual sex" with anyone.

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