Statue of Liberty to Get Dressed Up for Halloween

Find out how a designer plans to make Lady Liberty his fashion star.

ByABC News
October 23, 2014, 1:23 PM

— -- Even for her 125th birthday, Lady Liberty didn't get this dressed up.

But this Halloween, the Statue of Liberty will be decked out, sporting snazzy bow ties to promote the launch of a new menswear brand from designer Nick Graham.

"I was just thinking of something that would be fun to do, dressing up something very large," Graham said. "Mount Rushmore is too far from here, so the next best thing is the Statue of Liberty."

So even if the polka-dot bow ties don't match Lady Liberty's robe, they'll have to do, he joked.

Graham isn't really planning on wrapping the ties around the statue because that would require permission from the National Parks Service.

Instead, helicopters will dangle massive, 35-pound nylon bow ties in front of the statue for a few minutes on the morning of Oct. 31 so it will appear to spectators on Manhattan that she's dressed up.

The National Park Service told ABC News it doesn't have a say in Graham's project because the FAA controls the airspace around the statue, but if it did -- it wouldn't let it happen.

"We have not been asked for a permit and, if we were, we would not permit such activity within our property," NPS spokeswoman Mindi Rambo told ABC News.

Graham, known as the creator of Joe Boxer but who has since launched a namesake line, said his plan is meant all in good fun.

"Let's dress up America," he said. "That's what I'm really all about!"

After getting a snapshot of Lady Liberty "wearing" the bow tie, the helicopters will fly up and down the Hudson and East Rivers to promote Graham's new line of neckwear and dress shirts.

A third-party company will handle the banners and helicopters and is working with the Federal Aviation Administration, Graham said.

The FAA did not immediately respond to ABC News' request for comment.