5 Stories You May Have Missed This Weekend

Gov. Jindal comments on Trump; new photos of Vladimir Putin.

— -- 1. Gov. Bobby Jindal Predicts Donald Trump Support Will Fade After 'Summer of Silliness'

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal expressed optimism for his own presidential campaign even in the face of Donald Trump's surging popularity, calling the businessman's rise a symptom of the early campaign season.

"I think after we get past the summer of silliness and insults, the voters are going to begin to look at who is prepared to do the job," he told Martha Raddatz on ABC's "This Week." "I believe I am the candidate best able to do this job on the first day."

Like several of his fellow Republican presidential candidates, Jindal said Trump has tapped into "anger" and "frustration" to draw his large crowds.

2. Famed Neurologist Oliver Sacks Dies at 82

Renowned neurologist and author of "Awakenings" Oliver Sacks died today. He was 82.

His assistant, Kate Edgar, told The New York Times the cause was cancer. ABC News was unable to reach Edgar.

Sacks, a professor of neurology at New York University School of Medicine, announced in February a rare eye tumor had spread to his liver and that he was in the stages of terminal cancer.

Sacks is best known for his writing on neurological case histories, including "The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat" and "An Anthropologist on Mars." His book "Awakenings," based on his work in the 1960s with patients who were unable to initiate movement, was turned into an Oscar-nominated movie of the same name starring Robin Williams and Robert De Niro.

3. Russian President Vladimir Putin Pumps Iron, Grills in Newly Released Photos

The Kremlin wants the world to know Russian President Vladimir Putin pumps iron and grills meat before most of the world gets out of bed.

New photos released by the Kremlin show Putin working out and barbecuing with Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev at a government residence in Sochi before sitting down to breakfast and tea.

4. Shark Takes Big Bite Out of California Surfer's Board

While Elinor Dempsey wasn't injured in her encounter with a shark Saturday, her surfboard didn't fare as well.

Dempsey was surfing in front of Morro Strand Campground in the central coast of California when she noticed what she thought was a dolphin underneath her board, according to supervising ranger Lisa Remington of the California Department of Parks and Recreation. But then the animal -- believed to be a great white shark -- went after her.

Dempsey pushed the board toward the shark as she jumped off. Nearby surfers helped bring her to shore.

5. MTV Video Music Awards: Host Miley Cyrus Reveals What to Expect

Two years after the twerk heard 'round the world, and a year after she won the top prize, Miley Cyrus returns to the MTV Video Music Awards tonight as the host.

Complaining that last year's show had "no energy," she told The New York Times this year's installment will be "psychedelic and raw."

"What I’m trying to do is create my Instagram -- which people love to think is so freaky -- in real life," she said. "It’s letting people into my world."