A Guide to the New and Improved ABCNEWS.com

There's more video, simpler navigation, and your opinions on every story.

April 28, 2007 — -- Welcome to the new ABCNEWS.com.

Our Web site turns 10 years old in May. That's quite long in the tooth when you're talking Web years. And to mark this decennial, we've unveiled a new version of ABCNEWS.com -- one that's cleaner, crisper, easier to use and brings you more video.

Please surf around, get to know the new site, and let us know what you think by adding your comments to this story (see the column at right).

To get you started, here are a few thoughts on the new site.

ABCNEWS.com now has a clear, simple design. We think that's the best way to showcase the signature reporting and storytelling of the team here at ABC News. Terrific content deserves great packaging, and with the new Web site we've cleared up a lot of the clutter.

The new site is designed to harness the power of community. And by community we mean "citizen reporters," our viewers and readers who help us report the news by contributing, commenting and telling us what they know. The redesigned ABCNEWS.com makes it much easier for our Internet users to add to the facts, ask questions of newsmakers and make their voices heard.

Users will also find it much easier to submit to us video from cell phones and their home video cameras -- video that we may choose to broadcast on our site or on one of our television news programs.

Want a quick and convenient look at the day's top stories? Look no further than our News Summary section, which you can link to easily by visiting the topic bar at the top of our home page. This news summary puts all the most important and interesting stories on one single page, with links to related content which may also interest you. Click here to visit the News Summary.

It's now much easier to watch video on the Web site. We are a television news operation, after all, and our new video player makes it simple to watch the unrivaled reporting from ABC News.

We are grateful to our Internet users for making ABCNEWS.com one of the fastest-growing news sites on the Web, and we look forward to providing you with many more decades of great reporting. Please do share your feedback on the site's new look.