New Photos of Baby Stolen From Dead Mother's Womb

PHOTO: Julie Cory, accused of ripping fetus from the womb of Darlene Haynes.Boston Herald/Polaris
Julie Cory, her boyfriend Alex Dion, and the baby who Cory is accused of ripping from Darlene Haynes' womb

Beaming at a newborn baby in their arms, Julie Corey, 35, and her boyfriend, Alex Dion, 27, look every bit the part of proud, adoring parents.

But despite their smiles, the new photos that have surfaced of the couple and the baby show nothing more than a sham concocted by Corey, who is accused of kidnapping the baby, who was cut from the womb of her dead mother, Darlene Haynes.

Since Corey was arrested in Plymouth, N.H., Wednesday night, members of her family have revealed how devasted they were to learn that they had been duped into believing that Corey had given birth to a baby girl she had in allegedly stolen.

"It's killing me. I've got a hole in my heart," Cindy Dion, the mother of Alex Dion, told The Associated Press.

Corey is being held in New Hampshire on $2 million bail on suspicion of kidnapping, and is fighting extradition to Massachusetts. No one has yet been charged in Haynes' death.

Corey's Behavior Allegedly Odd During Pregnancy

She said Corey looked like she was expecting when the family threw a shower for her in May, although she said that upon reflection, Corey's behavior seemed unusual throughout the supposed pregnancy. Corey told the family she was four months' pregnant in April but then said she was eight months' pregnant the following month, The Associated Press reported.

Cindy Dion said her son was beside himself when he told her that the baby wasn't theirs.

"He cried so hard he couldn't catch his breath," she said. "I had to climb over the front seat and sit with him. And he hugged me like he was a little kid."

Corey was arrested alongside Alex Dion after friends tipped off police when she showed up with a baby and no one knew she had been pregnant. Later, Dion was released.

Public records for both Corey and Dion indicate they had lived at 94 Southgate St., the same building where the mutilated body of Darlene Haynes, 23, was found wrapped in bedding and stuffed in a closet.

Corey had apparently taken the baby to New Hampshire where she was staying at a homeless shelter, according to a police statement.

Haynes' infant daughter was found alive with Corey and Dion. After spending a few days at Speare Memorial Hospital in Plymouth, the little girl they called "Baby Jane Doe" was to be released into Massachusetts state custody.

Several members of Haynes' family told they had never heard of Julie Corey before her arrest, but were relieved that the baby, whom Haynes wanted to name Sheila Marie, was safe.

Haynes' uncle Karl Whitney said today that he was grateful that at least Corey cared for the child the way that she did."

"She kept the baby alive," he said. "If she hadn't, we'd probably all be looking at far more different circumstances."

Whitney said it was unclear who would get custody of the little girl. Haynes' ex-boyfriend Roberto Rodriguez was believed to be the father of the child, he said, and between him and extended family on both sides there are numerous options for officials.

Haynes, who was eight months pregnant when she was killed, was a mother to three other children: Jasmine, 5; Lilli, 3; and Christina, 18 months. Christina was being raised by Haynes and Rodriguez, but the family has said that Haynes had a troubled relationship with Rodriguez and had taken out a restraining order against him more than three weeks ago.

Whitney told that Haynes' two eldest children, who have been raised by Haynes grandmother since birth, have been told about their mother's death.

"I explained to Jasmine the best I could that her mom was dead, that somebody did something bad to her," Whitney said.

Other members of Haynes' family told that they wonder if anyone else may have helped Corey with the crime, saying it would seem to be an unlikely task for just one person.

"Who helped her with that baby?" Sandra Grandmaison, Haynes' great-aunt, said today.

Family in Mourning for Mother of Four

Christina Grandmaison said she questions why no one else in the building heard any noises related the attack.

Police believe Haynes was killed July 23. Her body wasn't discovered until Monday when landlord William Thompson entered the apartment after neighbors complained of a foul smell coming from Haynes' home.

Haynes' appears to have been killed by a blow to the head.

"If she was killed in that apartment, other people live in that apartment," Christina Grandmaison said. "She would have screamed. She would have made some kind of noise."

Sandra Grandmaison said she was disappointed that she had to learn of the arrest, not from police, but from a report on the television news just like everyone else.

Whitney said he also heard about the arrest from a someone who had seen a report on the news.

Now, he said, they were beginning to think about funeral arrangements to say goodbye.

Sandra Grandmaison described Haynes as a loving mother who was friendly to strangers and was severely developmentally disabled as a result of abuse as a young child.

Haynes functioned as a 12- or 13-year-old would, Grandmaison said, adding that the young woman had a hard time holding a job.

ABC News' Lindsey Goldwert contributed to this story.