Man Says Lottery Win Made Him Loser in Love

When Kenneth Parker's wife cashed a $25 million lottery ticket last winter, he thought they would have a new life. Now it seems they will — but not together.

The Long Island, N.Y., couple, married for 16 years, struck it rich after Connie Parker, 74, bought the winning ticket in early February while shopping for a Valentine's Day card for her 77-year-old husband, Kenneth Parker said.

But a few months later, he said his wife turned cold, kicked him out of the condo they had bought, and told him she was keeping all the money.

"I said, you know, give me something. If you don't want to give me half, give me something," Kenneth Parker said. "She said, no, nothing."

Added his lawyer, Dominic Barbara: "Connie said on Valentine's Day, the money came in, and the love walked out."

Connie Parker, who lives alone in the condo bought with the lottery winnings, was not available for comment.

Kenneth Parker has now filed for divorce and is seeking half of the lottery winnings.

"I was bitter. I couldn't believe that she was doing this," he said. "She had a chance to sit down and at least give me half or whatever, and she refuses. And she left me to fend for myself."

He claims that even though his wife bought the ticket, she bought it with money he gave her.

According to the notice of claim, Connie Parker purchased the winning ticket, and the couple agreed to a lump sum payment of nearly $8.6 million.

The two also agreed that Connie Parker would go to collect the money alone, but he said that did not mean the money would would be hers alone.

Her attorney, Mario Brancato, said in a statement his client was mischaracterized by her estranged husband. Regarding the ticket, the statement said, "We are confident that her rights in this regard will be protected."

ABC affiliate WABC contributed to this report.