Harmony With Hair: Stylist Uses Feng Shui

ByABC News
May 9, 2002, 11:19 AM

L O S  A N G E L E S, May 12 -- It begins with this belief: The wrong hairstyle can throw off your "chi," also known as your personal energy.

So before snipping even a single lock, Billy Yamaguchi determines the feng shui elements that will balance his clients' chi and hopefully their lives.

The hair stylist uses the ancient Chinese art to help his clients find harmony with their hair, and his method has attracted celebrity clients.

For instance, during last year's championship season, Yamaguchi touched up Phil Jackson, the Los Angeles Lakers' basketball coach.

"We took off the facial hair and cropped off the hair [for] more of a Zen gladiator look, and of course with a nice soul patch," Yamaguchi told the ABC station KABC-TV in Los Angeles.

Yamaguchi said he worked on Jackson before every home playoff game but one, against the 76ers. That's the only one the Lakers lost.

Feng shui isn't just for hair at Yamaguchi Salons, where haircuts cost a couple of hundred dollars. Julia Roberts and Drew Barrymore both have had their nails feng-shuied.

Creating the Feng Shui Look

Based on his client Andrea Rea's favorite colors, her lifestyle and personality, Yamaguchi determined she was an "earth" sign.

That meant Rea needed a no-fuss style that would be easy to take care of.

"The element for earth which harmonizes with it is fire," Yamaguchi told Rea, a student. "You need to have a bit more passion, a bit more adventure in your life."

Yamaguchi took off some length, framing Rea's face with a few layers to add "passion" and "fire."

Yamaguchi said it would balance Rea's "earth" elements.

"I think I'm going to like it," Rea said after Yamaguchi finished cutting.

Next, Rea got some feng shui color in her hair.

"In her elements, she chose earths and she chose a little bit of fire," said Toni Hill, who colored Rea's hair. "I know that he wanted to introduce fire and water to her, but I also want to still respect earth."

Toni added a light copper and gold, and minutes later the finished feng shui hairstyle emerged.