Det. Says Ramsey Photos Indicate Intruder

April 30, 2001 -- A former police detective who was called out of retirement to work on the JonBenét, Ramsey case, then resigned in frustration after fellow investigators discounted his theory that the girl's parents were not involved, is going public with photographs he says support his version.

In an interview on NBC's Today show, Lou Smit offered photographs from the Ramsey's Boulder, Colo., home and from the autopsy of the 6-year-old beauty pageant winner that he says make the case that the girl was killed by an intruder.

The photographs shown on the program include images of marks on the girl's body Smit says could have been made by a stun gun used to subdue her, as well as a white cord tied around one of her wrists.

Law enforcement officials who have held onto the suspicion that JonBenét,'s parents killed her have pointed to the fact that there was no sign the girl struggled as she was brought from her bedroom to the basement of the house where she was killed.

Smit said the photographs provide evidence the girl could have been incapacitated before she was carried to the basement.

A Scuff Mark, a Suspicious Suitcase

Among the other photographs were pictures taken in the basement showing what could be a shoe scuff mark on a wall under a basement window, where an intruder could have entered.

There was also one showing a suitcase propped up under the window, which could have been used to make it easier for the intruder to leave and indications that cobwebs around the window had been swept away.

Smit, who was asked to come out of retirement to assist with the investigation but resigned after 18 months, today maintained he was not working for JonBenét,'s parents. He said he has only continued to press the case because of his dedication to finding the killer.

"The detective stands in the shoes of the victim to protect their interests against everyone else in the world," he said.

Other Dissenters

Boulder County sheriff's Detective Steve Ainsworth and former Boulder County prosecutor Trip DeMuth also appeared on the NBC program, supporting Smit's thesis.

"I have not seen any evidence that would be compelling to suggest that John and Patsy did kill their daughter at this point," Ainsworth said.

The Ramseys, who now live in Atlanta, have consistently denied any involvement in their daughter's death. They have written a book and have appeared on television programs to discuss aspects of it, including their theory that an intruder killed JonBenét,.

Smit is not the only detective who worked on the case to resign over the way the investigation was carried out. Steve Thomas also quit the Boulder police force, arguing the case was not being pursued aggressively enough.

However, he does not share Smit's belief that an intruder carried out the crime. He wrote a book accusing the Ramseys of killing their daughter.

Boulder Police Chief Mark Beckner did not return a call for a comment on the program, but last week said he would not discuss the case.

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