Man Gives Lottery Winnings to Homeless Family

Christmas came a month early to a homeless family

of four, thanks to a businessman who gave away his $4,000 in

lottery winnings.

“There’s always somebody that needs things more than we do,” the wife of the 49-year-old man, who asked to remain anonymous, told the Boston Herald. “He’s got a great job and we have a great home, so we’re lucky we can do this. You only need so much to live and the rest you can give away.”

The family was chosen by the Salem-based North Shore Mentoring Program, a group similar to Big Brothers/Big Sisters.

Director Judy Crater said she “nearly fell over” when the man gave her the scratch ticket.

“All he said to me was, ‘You can tell her happy Thanksgiving,“‘ she said.

Crater said the family is a single mother with three kids who are currently staying with friends.

“She cried,” Crater said of the woman, who makes $7.50 an hour working in a school cafeteria. “She said, ‘This gives me something to give thanks for.’ And she said she was going to be saving [the money] until they got into housing because they have no furniture and she wants to buy beds for the kids.”