Gore Says a Vote For Nader is a Vote For Bush

ByABC News
October 27, 2000, 7:20 PM

— -- Democratic presidential nominee Al Gore has begun warning his audiences that votes for Green Party candidate Ralph Nader could help elect the Republican contender, George W. Bush.

By Peter Dizikes and David RuppeABCNEWS.comOct. 21 For the first time, Democratic presidential candidate Al Gore is telling his audiences not to vote for

Ralph Nader.

If the big oil companies and the chemical manufacturers and the big polluters were able to communicate a message to this state, they would say, Vote for George Bush, or in any case, vote for Ralph Nader, Gore said at a rally in Madison, Wisconsin, on Thursday night.

Gores speech in Madison drew a crowd estimated at 30,000, in a city and state where Nader, the Green Party presidential candidate, is thought to enjoy some of his strongest support.

In the final stages of the closest presidential race in a generation, Democrats are concerned by the prospect that Naders third-party candidacy will siphon votes away from Gore, tipping the balance in favor of Texas Gov. George W. Bush, the Republican nominee, in a few key states.

But Nader is unruffled by the criticism, saying Gore has only himself to blame if he loses.

Gore will beat Gore, if he cant defeat the bumbling governor from Texas with his horrific record, Nader said on ABCs Good Morning America today.

No one is entitled to votes, Nader added. We all have to earn our votes.

The famed consumer advocate and anti-corporate activist called Democrats critical of his candidacy frightened liberals and said much of his support will come from independents and first-time voters.

The GOP is actively trying to cash in on the threat Naders candidacy presents to Gore. The Republican Leadership Council is releasing a new televisions ad today using footage of Nader criticizing Gore.

The spot, to be released in Wisconsin, Oregon and Washington, shows Nader saying the Clinton-Gore administration has provided eight years of principles betrayedand promises broken.