Stranded Whale Watchers Cheerfully Spout Off After Night at Sea

PHOTO: A whale-watching boat docks at Boston Harbor, July 29, 2014, after being stranded overnight.PlayGio Benitez/ABC News
WATCH What Whale Watchers Said About Being Stranded at Sea Overnight

The three hour whale watching tour docked this morning after being stuck all night at sea, but the passengers trouped off all smiles with a voucher to take another ride for free.

"It was fantastic," one woman said as she disembarked in Boston Harbor this morning.

"We saw whales. It was a beautiful sunrise. It was a beautiful sunset," one passenger told ABC News' affiliate WCVB.

The group of more than 160 was originally supposed to return at about 4:30 p.m. Monday, but the vessel, named the Cetacea, got entangled in the line attached to a lobster pot about 10 minutes into the return trip. It bobbed on the sea all night long.

"We didn't feel worried, frightened or anything," one woman said. "They're absolutely amazing, the whole crew."

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A sleep-deprived father and son called the unexpected sleepover an "adventure," and also said the staff was "very good."

At least one passenger got seasick and one woman said being stranded was "scary."

"I didn't think we would be staying all night until they brought us blankets," she said.

They were given blankets, free food and opened the bar, passengers said.

The boat, which was stranded 13 miles off the coast of northern Massachusetts, was freed from the line early today and docked at Boston Harbor around 7:30 a.m. All of the passengers are all right, a Boston Harbor Cruises spokesperson said. Divers hired by the vessel's owner succeeded in freeing the boat, Coast Guard Petty Officer MyeongHi Clegg told The Associated Press.

"They were able to untangle the line from the propeller," said Clegg.

The vessel worked its way back to port operating under only one propeller since the other was damaged in the incident, Clegg said.

The company is compensating passengers for their troubles. Each passenger will receive $500 in cash, a $100 gift card for another trip, and a full refund, about $50. The company will also pay to re-book any passengers who missed flights this morning.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.