Student who applied to wrong college gets free trip to visit Utah campus

Her tweet caused both colleges to compete for her attendance on social media.

A college senior who applied to the wrong college was gifted a free trip to visit the campus due to her fateful mistake -- and the power of Twitter.

Kaitlynn Lovelady, a senior at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, initially thought she wasted the $40 application fee when she made the blunder and applied for summer classes at Salt Lake Community College in Utah instead of South Louisiana Community College in Lafayette.

Lovelady's tweet caught the attention of both schools, who then began to compete for her attendance. Salt Lake Community College even offered to refund her the application fee, but she would later find out that it wasn't a waste after all.

Utah Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox and the Utah National Guard even got in on the recruiting action.

Two days after she alerted the world to her gaffe, Lovelady tweeted that she would consider a trip to Utah if someone was willing to pay for her flight.

Lovelady got her wish when a Utah businessman, who wished to remain anonymous, offered to pay for her flight, ABC Lafayette affiliate KATC reported.

On Friday, she boarded her first-ever flight from New Orleans to Salt Lake City and documented each leg of her trip along the way.

Photos shared by the Salt Lake Community College show a smiling Lovelady as she tours the campus.

Lovelady returned to Louisiana on Monday. Still no word on what her plans for summer classes are, but it looks like she has a tough decision to make.