Students surprise teacher on Zoom with 'thank you'

Students from Winston Churchill High School surprised their teacher.

Teachers give so much to their students, so a group of Maryland high schoolers decided to give something back: a surprise "thank you."

On Jan. 27, students from Winston Churchill High School in Potomac, Maryland, surprised biology teacher Wendy Franklin with a heartwarming "thank you" over Zoom.

In a coordinated effort, the whole class turned on their cameras to reveal homemade signs that read, "Thank you."

"Well, the whole class wanted to thank you for being such a warm and bright and happy person during this whole semester," said a student. "And I know we all felt very welcome in your Zoom class and we're going to miss this class a lot."

Franklin was overcome with emotion.

"I'm very proud of you guys and of your work and I know I said it before, but you guys are awesome and you inspire me every day," Franklin told the class.

Students Amanda Kossoff and Julieta Magud told "World News Tonight" that it was the least they could do for their teacher.

"[She is] always keeping us engaged, having fun," said Magud.

"[She has] always been there for us, whether we have a question or even just life advice," added Kossoff.

Franklin said that she is filled with gratitude and shared a message to others teaching during the coronavirus pandemic.

"Keep your heads held high," she said. "And continue to do the hard work because what you do matters."