Super Bowl 50: Meet Doritos' $1 Million Super Bowl Ad Winner

Jacob Chase is the $1 million winner of Doritos' “Crash the Super Bowl contest.

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February 08, 2016, 9:10 AM

— -- The Doritos “Crash the Super Bowl” contest is in its 10th and final year and this year’s winner is Jacob Chase, a Los Angeles resident who walked away with $1 million for his Doritos commercial called “Doritos Dogs.”

“It was absolutely mind blowing,” Chase, who flew overnight to appear on “Good Morning America,” explained of his surprise win. “Just seeing it air on TV was incredible alone, and then to get presented with this giant check was just absolutely amazing. I haven’t slept but I’m so grateful to be part of this experience.”

Chase’s 30-second ad features dogs trying to figure out how to get their favorite snack from a supermarket. The three dogs repeatedly try to get into the supermarket, only to be blocked by an employee. They then get the idea to stand one on top of the other and cover themselves with a coat and hat, and can be seen purchasing Doritos from a bewildered cashier.

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He talked about his inspiration for the commercial, saying he and his girlfriend are dog lovers. Their dog, Misery, is one of the stars in the spot.

“My dog, Mis, she’s the little white dog in the commercial, she was a big inspiration,” he said. “We rescued her about three years ago and she’s been incredible to us and seeing her in a Super Bowl commercial in front of 100 million people is a dream come true.”

Chase, 29, was one of three finalists. He and the other two finalists were invited to the game, and he only found out he won when he saw his commercial air during the broadcast.

The winning ad was selected by fan votes at, the company said in a press release.

Not only does Chase win the money, he gets a chance to collaborate with director Zack Snyder while working with Warner Brothers Pictures and DC Entertainment, Doritos said in a press release.

He plans to use his prize money to pay off student loans and underwrite his dream of filming his own Hollywood movie.

“I’ll probably be responsible at first and pay off my student loans which would be awesome, but then I’d love to continue to try to make my dreams come true and put that toward making a movie or something,” he said. “I’ve got a couple ideas with my producing partner on this, Travis Brown. We’ve been writing a script together and are trying to make it happen.”

Chase is a writer for television and movies. The budget for his winning ad was $1,000, according to Doritos.

Chase’s ad was filmed at a neighborhood grocery store in the Los Angeles area. It was shot in one day.

“It was about a 12 hour shoot day, but it went really smoothly and I’m so proud of it,” he said. “$1,000 to $1 million dollars, what are the odds?

The other finalists were Peter Carstairs of Australia, whose ad was titled “Ultrasound.” That spot sent the brand trending when it aired. David Rudy’s commercial was titled “Swipe for Doritos.”

Carstairs and Rudy each won $100,000 in cash, plus a guaranteed creative project with Doritos, the company also said.

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