Supporters of San Francisco mayoral candidate hurl slurs at opponent

Supporters of a San Francisco mayoral candidate hurled slurs at her opponent.

May 14, 2018, 12:37 PM

Supporters of a San Francisco mayoral candidate crashed an opponent’s campaign event and hurled racial slurs at her, according to ABC station KGO in San Francisco.

Video of the May 12 incident shows supporters of Democratic candidate London Breed shouting at democratic opponent Jane Kim and other event attendees.

One event crasher called Kim a "Skinny rice eating mother f-----."

Others yelled for event attendees to go home. "We don’t want you in our neighborhood," one protester shouted.

Kim later addressed the incident in a Facebook post, writing, "I do not take these comments personally and we cannot let this divide us."

"We have enough xenophobia, homophobia, anti-Black sentiment and division coming from the White House," she continued. "San Francisco has to stand together against systematic intolerance and support the real, hard work to make San Francisco a safe and diverse community for all its residents. We cannot allow our communities to get pitted against each other. We are better than that."

Breed responded to the incident at another campaign event on Sunday.

"I don’t tolerate racism of any kind," she told KGO, adding that the individuals who crashed Kim's event are not associated with her campaign.

Breed and Kim will come face-to-face on Monday at the Commonwealth Club's mayoral forum.

San Francisco could make history by electing the first African-American woman, Asian-American woman or openly gay man as mayor. The contest for the mayoral race is the most competitive in 15 years, the Associated Press said, with several viable competitors for the Democratic nomination. The Democratic candidates are London Breed, Jane Kim, Mark Leno and Angela Alioto.