Surfer's terrifying close-call with shark caught on camera on Cape Cod

PHOTO: Surfers and beach goers play in the waters close to seals and sharks at Newcomb beach in Wellfleet, Massachusetts in Cape Cod on July 13, 2019.PlayJoseph Prezioso/AFP/Getty Images
WATCH See surfer's terrifying close-call with shark

A surfer on Cape Cod in Massachusetts had a terrifying close-call with a white shark in an encounter caught on camera.

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This image -- courtesy of Joe Mault of Orleans Camera and Video -- shows the moment the shark lurks just behind the surfer at Nauset Beach in Orleans around 8 a.m. Friday.

The "incredible image" is "a good reminder that white shark activity" remains at its peak by Cape Cod through October, the nonprofit Atlantic White Shark Conservancy tweeted.

"Please remain vigilant," added officials at the Orleans Department of Public Works and Natural Resources.

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Of the 66 unprovoked shark attacks on humans worldwide last year, two were in Massachusetts, according to the Florida Museum of Natural History at the University of Florida. A man died in September 2018 when he was bitten by a shark on Cape Cod -- the first fatal shark attack in the state since 1936.